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EZ Glider of Houston is dedicated to producing my own top line of motorized bikes, MoBike Motorized Bicycles. I builds top quality Gas and Electric Powered Bicycles and Tricycles to handle all your personal transport needs!

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MoBike Gas and Electric Motorized Bicycles

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Gas Powered Bicycles

  MoBike Black Max Basic (BMB)  MoBike Black Max Standard (BMS)  MoBike Black Max Deluxe (BMD)

    MoBike Black Max Basic (BMB)      MoBike Black Max Standard (BMS)      MoBike Black Max Deluxe (BMD)

                      $385.00                                                $425.00                                               $495.00


   MoBike Touring ModelMoBike Road Bike     MoBike HPG     MoBike Kit

                MoBike Touring Model                       Custom Built Gas Bikes                            MoBike Motor Kit

                        $475.00                                                                                                              $150.00


        Electric Bicycles

     MoBike Black Max E (Electric)      Step Through Electric     HPE Deluxe

           MoBike Black Max E (Electric)           MoBike STE (Step Through Electric)                MoBike HPE

                       $1295.00                                               $1395.00                                            $1495.00


  MoBike ECC (Electric Couples Cruiser)    MoBike Trike  Custom Electrics

    MoBike Couples Cruiser                     MoBike Trike                               Custom Made Electric Bicycles

             $1795.00                                       $2095.00                                 


                                Other Motorized Bicycle Products and Service


                                                                                Full Range of Services




Thank you for visiting EZ Glider of Houston. I produce MoBike Motorized Bicycles, the highest quality motorized bikes in the business. I build top quality gas and electric bicycles as well as a full line of electric tricycles!  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give me a call at 832-375-9520.