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MoBike Blaster

We take the electric bike to the next level! The MoBike Blaster is made for the ultimate in speed and performance in an electric bike!

MoBike Blaster for only $1695.00!

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Introducing the new MoBike Blaster electric bicycle! This bike is designed to be rugged, fast, and great looking! The MoBike Blaster starts with a 18” rugged aluminum frame, front shock absorbers, and front and rear disk brakes. The Blaster has 8 speeds in the rear using a Pro Rush derailleur operated by a Pro Rush thumb shifter. This is a great bike just as a bicycle!

Now it’s time for the magic. I mount a 750W mid-mount electric unit to the frame. This replaces the original pedal crank so the electric motor actually drives the pedal chain. This makes this an 8 Speed electric bike! It can be operated as a pedal assist (you pedal and the bike helps you along) or an electric powered only by using the thumb electric paddle. The power comes from a 48V, 13AH mid-mount Lithium Ion battery pack that supplies all the juice you want to get down the road and get down the road quickly!

For more information about the MoBike Blaster or to come by and check one out you can give me a call at 832-375-9520.