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           MoBike Cruiser

The MoBike Cruiser is the most economical way to get into the fun and exciting world of motorized bicycles!

MoBike Cruiser only $495.00!

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The MoBike Cruiser is an excellent professionally built motorized bicycle. The Cruiser has a 16” frame with 26” road tires. The MoBike Cruiser uses Coaster Brakes (You push back on the pedals to stop). The Cruiser comes with a comfortable saddle, draw back handlebars, fenders, and a high quality rear view mirror.

The MoBike Cruiser is powered by a MoBike 2-cycle (you mix gas and oil) motor kit. She will cruise along at 20 mph with a top speed of 30 mph; all the while getting up to 100 miles on a gallon of gas!

If you’re looking for a professionally built motorized bicycle at an incredible price than the MoBike Cruiser is the bike for you!

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