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MoBike Cruiser Plus

Built on our basic Cruiser Platform we've added components that give the Cruiser Plus more speed.

MoBike Cruiser Plus only $555.00

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The MoBike Cruiser Plus is built on the MoBike Cruiser platform with added components to increase this bikes performance!

The Cruiser Plus starts with a 16” frame sporting 26” tires. It comes with a comfortable saddle, draw back handlebars, dual braking system (Coaster Brakes-You push back on the pedals to stop and an added front caliber brake), and a high quality rear view mirror. The Cruiser Plus even comes with a rechargeable front light and a rear tail light.

To kick the performance up a notch the Cruiser Plus comes with a 2-cycle (you mix gas and oil) motor with a force air cleaner and customized exhaust muffler. This all powers a 36 tooth rear sprocket which gives you a mellow cruise speed of 25 mph with a top speed of over 30 mph; all the while getting up to 100 miles per gallon of gas! These numbers get faster after brake in!

If you’re looking for a motorized bicycle with some extra kick than you’re looking for the new MoBike Cruiser Plus!

For more information about the MoBike Cruiser Plus give us a call at 832-375-9520.